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Us caution whn diving, opating machiny, poming oth hazadous activitis. Atan may caus dizzinss blud vision. I you xpinc dizzinss blud vision, avoid ths activitis.

Tliv dy mouth, suck on (sugalss) had candy ic chips, chw (sugalss) gum, dink wat, us a saliva substitut.

Anticholingics can stop sv muscl spasms th back, nck, and ys that a somtims causd by psychiatic dugs. It can alsdcas oth sid cts such as muscl stinss/igidity (xtapyamidal signs-PS). It is not hlpul in tating movmnt poblms causd by tadiv dyskinsia and may wosn thm.

Asonabl ca has bn takn tpovid accuat inomation at th tim cation. This inomation is not intndd tsubstitut mdical advic, diagnosis tatmnt and should not b xclusivly lid on tmanag diagnos a mdical condition. Plas tou tms and conditions.

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